what home remedy is good for tired eyes?

Nowadays, almost every person is faced with excessive eye strain for various reasons. One is long, monotonous pastime in front of their gadget or bright screen, but that list also includes poor time management, too dry air, and even sunlight. Such factors can lead to severe eye strain, or “asthenopia”, which often precedes serious “ophthalmic” diseases.

Organize your workspace properly

If due to the specifics of work it is often impossible to reduce hours on the computer, laptop and phone, it is quite possible to reduce eye strain due to the proper organization of the space. First of all, this is the location of the monitor at a distance of at least 30 to 40 cm from the eyes. However, simply putting the screen away does not mean protecting the muscles from overstrain. Distance should be provided along with adequate lighting. The screen brightness should be about half the maximum value on your device. You should also check the monitor for glare from the sun. When working in a window, the eyes should not be directly in front of you or behind you, with the least exposure to them.

Do eye exercises

During the day, healthy rest is necessary not only for our brain, but also for vision. Ideally, you should incorporate the effective 20 x 20 x 20 technique into your program. It consists in the fact that for every 20 minutes you spend with the device, you have to look at an object 20 feet (about 6 meters) away from you for 20 seconds. A simplified version is to periodically look out the window, without straining your eyes and not blinking often. This system allows you to relax the eye muscles and relieve dryness. If you can’t distract yourself from work tasks with such an interval, you can increase your screen time to a maximum of 30 to 40 minutes.

Pay attention to the humidity balance and the microclimate of the room

How to Get Rid of Tired Eyes?

The condition of the eyes is affected by extreme dryness of air, which is especially noticeable after hours of stay in the office or apartment. You can solve the problem of a bad microclimate and get rid of burning and redness of the eyes with the help of high-quality humidifiers, but these devices, screens are far from always available indoors.

Wear glasses with the right lenses

For the purpose of prevention, it is necessary to visit the ophthalmologist’s office 1 to 2 times a year. The doctor will conduct a thorough examination, which will help determine the cause of your tired eyes. Usually this happens due to incorrect eye correction or its absence. Correctly selected glasses help to solve this problem. Special lenses should prevent it from reaching the retina and at the same time pass the beneficial blue rays that our body needs. “Crizal Prevencia” first-class coated lenses fulfill this task with 5+, filtering the dangerous blue light coming from the devices thanks to the unique “Light Scan technology”, providing a clear view of the world without disturbance.

How to Get Rid of Tired Eyes?

How to Get Rid of Tired Eyes?

In addition, the design of these lenses allows you to forget about smudges, dust and other inconveniences, as well as insidious UV radiation, which is especially relevant on the eve of summer.

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