How to Efficiently Check Your Vonage Voicemail

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to check your Vonage voicemail efficiently. In this article, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions and useful tips to ensure you can access your voicemail messages quickly and conveniently. Whether you are a new Vonage user or looking for ways to streamline your voicemail management, we’ve got you covered.

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1. Setting Up Your Vonage Voicemail

To begin using your Vonage voicemail, you first need to set it up. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Dial your Vonage phone number from your Vonage phone or any external phone.
  2. When the voicemail greeting starts, press the * key.
  3. Enter your voicemail PIN followed by the # key.
  4. Follow the prompts to record your name and personalized voicemail greeting.

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2. Accessing Your Vonage Voicemail

Once your voicemail is set up, you can easily access it using any phone. Here’s how:

  1. Dial your Vonage phone number from any phone.
  2. When the voicemail greeting begins, press the * key.
  3. Enter your voicemail PIN followed by the # key.

3. Navigating Your Voicemail Menu

Vonage offers a user-friendly voicemail menu with various options for managing your messages. Here are the key navigation tips:

  • Press 1: Listen to new messages
  • Press 2: Change folders (new, saved, deleted)
  • Press 3: Advanced options (reply, forward, callback)
  • Press 4: Change personal options (greeting, PIN, name)
  • Press 5: Change playback options (speed, envelope, date/time)
  • Press 6: Help (additional assistance)

4. Listening to Voicemail Messages

To listen to your voicemail messages, follow these steps:

  1. Access your Vonage voicemail using the method mentioned earlier.
  2. Press 1 to listen to new messages.
  3. Follow the prompts to navigate through your messages, including options to replay, save, or delete each message.

5. Managing Voicemail Settings

Vonage provides customizable settings to personalize your voicemail experience. Here are some key options you can modify:

  • Change Voicemail Greeting: Press 4 in the voicemail menu and follow the prompts to record a new greeting.
  • Change Voicemail PIN: Press 4 in the voicemail menu, select “Personal Options,” and follow the prompts to change your PIN.
  • Change Voicemail Name: Press 4 in the voicemail menu, select “Personal Options,” and follow the prompts to update your recorded name.

6. Voicemail Notifications and Alternatives

Vonage offers various notification methods to keep you informed about new voicemail messages. Consider these alternatives to traditional voicemail access:

  • Voicemail to Email: Set up voicemail-to-email notifications to receive audio files of your voicemails in your email inbox.
  • Visual Voicemail: Use the Vonage Visual Voicemail app to access and manage your voicemail messages conveniently on your smartphone.
  • Vonage Extensions App: Install the Vonage Extensions app to listen to your voicemail messages and make calls using your Vonage number on your mobile device.


We hope this guide has provided you with clear instructions on how to efficiently check your Vonage voicemail. By following the outlined steps, you can access your messages seamlessly and make the most of Vonage’s voicemail features. Remember to customize your settings and explore alternative notification options to enhance your voicemail experience. Stay connected and stay in control with Vonage!

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