Amadeus vs Galileo commands pdf

Can Amadeus users use Amadeus commands on Galileo?

No, Amadeus commands cannot be used on Galileo. Amadeus and Galileo are two different Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and each has its own unique set of commands and syntax.

Amadeus vs Galileo commands pdf

While there may be some similarities in the functionality and features offered by each GDS, the commands used to access those features will differ.

However, some travel agents may have experience using multiple GDSs and may be familiar with the syntax and commands used in both Amadeus and Galileo. In such cases, they may be able to switch between GDSs and use the appropriate commands for each system.

We prepared a Quick reference list for you in PDF format – Amadeus vs Galileo commands pdf: Quick Ref – Amadeus Galileo

Amadeus to Galileo Quick reference

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